Need and Importance of Christian Political Party in Pakistan

Religion and politics are two separate things and they remain separate from each other in civilized societies and developed nations.Such societies and nations always remain powerful where religion does not have any concern with state affairs.Such societies produce extraordinary brains,creation and inventions.One of big reasons of progress, prosperity and superiority of western world is that religion does not have any concern with politics and state affairs in these countries.Prejudice,fundamentalism,extremism and terrorism becomes the destiny of people of such countries religion and politics are considered inseparable.
Blessings of wisdom,creation and prosperity disappears from such countries and nations.
Those people are very unfortunate who are part of such societies and countries where religion dominates the politics and always used as weapon for getting benefits.
Unfortunately Pakistan is one of those countries where religion dominates politics.Although Pakistan came into existence for getting political and economic benefits but righteous classes of people started their efforts to make Pakistan a ideological and religious state and unfortunately they are successful in this regard.They have been trying to prove this notion that Pakistan came into being in the name of Islam and Islam is the only binding force which have united Pakistan.Ruling elite and powerful righteous establishment have been supporting such elements with their force and resources for making Pakistan a religious state.In lieu of that religious parties and persons not only supported and welcomed every dictator but also played a role of front man ally of dictators.Righteous journalists,columnists and writers also played vital role in this regard.Pakistan is the victim of extremism and terrorism due to the destructive approach of above said people.
Pakistani Christians have always stressed on separation of religion from politics and always tried to play their role in main stream political parties but main stream political parties are doing nothing to meet the challenges faced by Pakistani Christians.It is misfortune of people of Pakistan that Pakistani politics is being dominated by cast and creed on one hand and by religion and sects on other hand.Main stream political parties do not have any thing for Christians and other non Muslims of Pakistan. Manifesto es of Mainstream parties are completely silent on Blasphemy and other discriminatory laws which are being used against Christians of Pakistan.Some leaders of righteous mainstream parties deliver speeches in favour of Blasphemy laws in public meetings organized by extremist religious groups.During delivering such speeches they forget Christian workers and do not respect the passions of Christians and other non Muslims workers.Christians have struggled shoulder to shoulder with mainstream leaders in almost all movements like Pakistan movement,Movement of 1967,movement of M R D ,movement of A R D and movement of restoration of judiciary but mainstream parties and leaders never struggled with Christians against Blasphemy laws which are hanging sword on Christians and other non Muslims of Pakistan.Christians have always been struggling alone to confront the challenges which are being faced by Christians.Mainstreams parties have never been willing to stand with Christians.Prejudice,extremism and fundamentalism is increasing in our society.In such circumstances it is almost impossible for Christians to win election even if mainstream parties issue them party tickets for elections.
Now biggest question for Christians is that how Christians can win elections in joint electoral system? The simple and only solution of this challenge is to gather scattered vote bank of Christians in some constituencies.Is there any mainstream political party in Pakistan which is having agenda to solve this biggest problem of Pakistani Christians? A large number of Christian youth is educated but facing unemployment,many of them wish to do their own business but they do not have money for business.Is there any mainstream political party having any program to solve these problems of Christians of Pakistan? If we wish to see Christians technocrats,bureaucrats,experts of law,economist,politicians and scientist in future,we will have to concentrate on higher education.Now question arises is there any mainstream political party having manifesto for higher education of Christians? If the answer of all these questions is just a big NO then we Pakistani Christians has just one way to meet all these challenges and that is a major, organized and visionary political party of Christian.If we become successful in this regard we will meet all challenges which are being confronted by Pakistani Christians
The Truth Won is not a political website and does not promote or advocate for any particular political view. Though, we are not a political website, we want to encourage our persecuted brothers and sisters to find the courage.

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