“I am a Slave…”



By: Shahzad Kamran


Vast Vision Ministry,


Story of Mishal…

Life is the name of sorrows and frustration for Mishal as she has many dreams in her eyes and has no hope for her dreams to come true. 7 years old Mishal is a daughter of brick maker named Ashraf Masih. Ashraf got married with Rani about 8 years ago and after the birth of Mishal they had to take loan of 22000 Pakistani rupees from a owner of brick factory and since then they are making bricks to repay the loan and in the mean time they have been taking loan from owner of brick factory to meet the needs of family’s day to day life.     

Mishal has one sister named Sana aged of 5 years and two brothers named Sharafat aged of 2 years and Rafaqat aged of 9 months. Presently Mishal and her family is condemned to do labour work in conditions of slavery at brick kiln as they are under burden of loan the sum of 60000 Pakistani rupees. They are enslaved until they pay back the amount of loan by doing labour work, on the other hand, they are also slave of their poverty, they are frustrated because they do not know how long they will live in slavery because they do not have any hope of help to set them free from slavery.

Mishal takes care of her little brothers in absence of her mother who does labour work. Mishal  is also responsible to do domestic work in her house because her mother remain busy making bricks for a living.

On Vast Vision Ministry team’s visit to brick factor, team met with Mishal, she was with her small crying brother, and she was trying to make him silent. The boy was in poor condition, he was looking unhealthy and dirty.

On taking with Mishal she shared her feelings that when she sees other kids going to school she feels herself wretched and gets sad. She wants to have all facilities and comforts of life those normally parents provide to their kids in prosperous families.


Mishal’s Statement: Mishal is so desirous to be educated as she shared ‘I want to go school but my father says that I have to take care of my little siblings and cannot go school with my friends and want to be a teacher in school to teach other kids. ’


Statement of Mishal’s Father: Vast Vision Ministry’s team interviewed Mishal’s father to know about his heart about education of kids, there was helplessness on his face, on asking V.V.M’s team member he replied, “I am a slave but I want my children go to school, especially Mishal as she is very intelligent but I cannot afford her educational expenses. There is burden to loan on my shoulder that makes my sleepless. I have to pay off the loan and feed my children along with so this is not an easy job for me.”

On asking V.V.M’s team that when does he think their slavery will end, to which he replied, “I have no idea when we will get freedom from this slavery, but I know it will not happen soon. I really want to get rid of slavery and bring my children up in an environment where they feel free and happy.”  


Vast Vision Ministry’s Sunday School Teacher’s Statement: Mishal is regular student of V.V.M Sunday school; she is very bright in learning about Christ as she is intelligent. She loves to hear stories from holy Bible. Vast Vision Ministry wants to bring these kids to Christ so that they can know about the love of God through Sunday schools. Ms. Safia is Sunday school teacher at this brick kiln area. She expressed her views about Mishal,

Mishal is very sweet girl of our Sunday school group, and she is too active in Sunday school activities. She have very sharp mind as she remember all stories of Biblical heroes and memorized Biblical verses. I am sure she can be a very bright student and her future can be changed if she has opportunity to get formal education.”

According to surveys of Vast Vision Ministry there are hundreds of kids who are deprived of education and their lives are being destroyed, they work with their parents and have no chance of a better future.

Vast Vision Ministry wants to give chance to every slave child who is suffering from severe poverty and miserable circumstances. We want to give them education, so that they may not be on other’s giving only but can approach sustainable source of income after being educated, because there is one and only way to drag them out from slavery and that is education. According to a rough estimate only 9 Dollars are required per month to full fill the educational needs of a kid, means only 108 Dollars can be enough for the whole year of education of a kid.

Vast Vision Ministry urges all friends and prayer partners to please remember Mishal and her family in your prayers so that they can get comfort in God’s presence and for the provision of education of Mishal and like her many kids.



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